Tickets for Charity one love San Francisco values show through

San Francisco values show through

When it comes to living well, they know how to do it in the Bay Area. They’re used to having a lot in San Francisco; they lead the world in technology, the weather is gorgeous, and the countryside better, the foodie city will give you a taste of anything you feel like trying. But among all these things to be grateful for, there’s another side to us too.

San Francisco knows how to make a difference in the world and you’re not going to be surprised when you find out they do it in a very San Francisco way.

You know the California vibe

It is something to do with the climate. Most Californians are out there doing something whether it is hill walking or bike polo, San Franciscans do health and wellness activities.

The One Love Movement

The next step was obvious to this charity organization; take the things people love doing and apply it to making a difference in the world.

But what does One Love do?  It is a movement, a groundswell of activity and its job in the world is to support projects which make a real difference in the world out there. Finding a way to harness it is One Love’s special gift.

Topics close to One Love’s heart

There’s a theme running through all of the One Love Movement work. They work within Child Welfare and education. Unesco’s latest numbers show that there are 263 million children who don’t get to school. One Love’s focus of K-12 education is clearly needed. In addition, they focus on Humanitarian Aid and Social Services too.

One Love is not alone in their approach – there’s all sort of other people who realize the value of One Love’s work and have become involved either in an advisory or a more direct participatory capacity.

Stated values and mission

One of the reasons the One Love Movement is so successful is they provide a bi-directional experience. At the fundraising level, they use what people already do and get them to do more of it but this time with a charitable element. At the spending end, they support partners and non-profits already working in these areas, they are able to maximize their dollars raised by allying it with efforts which are already in progress.

It is a dynamic approach which has more impact by being a collaborative effort than it would if One Love were to stand alone.

The organization’s stated key values are compassion, community and curiosity and these are values that all of the people who work with the group share.

Where they have made a real difference is in harnessing a collective compassion

Charity Yoga

This is where the idea for charity yoga comes in. Yoga is ubiquitous in San Francisco. Seeing a person with a mat under their arm is as common as a tourist at Fisherman’s Wharf. Bringing yogi together on October 20th for their big One Love event to breathe deeply and spread some love is inspired.


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