What is Tickets-for-Charity®?

Tickets-for-Charity (TFC) works with top performing artists, professional sports teams, theaters and corporations to offer fans access to premium seats, special offers and unique VIP experiences. The difference? Every ticket purchased through TFC directly supports some of the world's most respected nonprofits.

So, you pay the same or better price you'll find elsewhere, for seats you won't find anywhere else! And your favorite charities receive a donation at the same time (instead of unauthorized brokers and scalpers).

How it works

1. We get tickets

Our ticket partners (artists, teams and companies) make a selection of seats available for a Charitable Sale™ program through TFC.

2. You get access

TFC offers our members tickets at market price. Sometimes more than face value for the hottest tickets; sometimes at special Charity Rates—but always for the same or better price you'll find anywhere else! Here's how it breaks down:

3. Charities get donations

Whether paying the same or less than what you'd have to pay a broker or scalper, or accessing special Charity Rates not available anywhere else, you now support your favorite charities with every purchase.

4. We keep our lights on

TFC charges a standard service fee to help keep our lights on and manage our Charitable Sale™ programs, from the online platform and ticket fulfillment, to customer service and donation distributions.

*(net only direct transaction costs)

What we've done

Who we are

Based in Boston, MA, our team is experienced in areas from social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management to entertainment, finance and marketing. We're music lovers, sports enthusiasts and quintessential superfans. But above all, we share a passion for making this world a better place by collaborating with some of the most respected, hardworking and inspiring nonprofit organizations out there.

We love what we do, and we live for our fans.