Using Your Consumer Power To Create Positive Change

~ Supporting companies like Tickets For Charity that are using their role in industry to implement positive change ~
Creating Change Through Consumerism

Consumerism, at least on some level, is a part of every-day life for most people living in North America today. Very few people still subsist completely off of the land around them – instead, most of us buy our clothing, food, and entertainment from large-scale manufacturers and industries.

To many, this consumerism is largely unavoidable. Limited time, funding, and required skills are all factors that prevent many North Americans from growing their own food, sewing their own clothes, or building their own infrastructure. When it comes to entertainment, customers looking to attend live events often have no available alternatives to purchasing tickets from large companies that are part of an even larger (and ever-growing) industry.

However, there are ways to make positive impacts, locally and globally, by using your buying power for good. It’s all about choosing the companies you support wisely, and using consumer culture to promote positive change.

Making Positive Buying Choices

Making good buying choices can make all the difference when it comes to instigating and implementing positive change. Choosing to support companies that in turn support the causes important to you is a great first step.

Tickets For Charity is a company within the secondary ticket market that promotes positive change through their everyday business operations. Every ticket sold by Tickets For Charity includes a predetermined donation amount that goes directly to an approved charity. The charity supported by the ticket sale is selected by either the consumer or the performer/team in question.

This way of doing business turns consumerism into a powerful agent for positive change. Customers pay the same price or less for concert, sports, or theatre tickets than they would on a competitor’s ticket marketplace. Tickets For Charity, however, uses a portion of this price to support influential nonprofits and their charity work around the globe.

More About Tickets For Charity

Learn more about Tickets For Charity, the non-profits groups they support, and how they are supporting positive social and environmental change at