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Making your yoga practice make a difference

Hey, San Francisco yoga lovers, do you love a Saturday morning vinyasa? Would you like your yoga practice to do a little more than bliss you out? If so, have we got the event for you. One Love San Francisco is holding their 3rd Annual Charity Yoga Event.


You heard that right. The One Love Movement – I’ll tell you about them in a moment – is hosting a fantastic yoga event and your entry fee is a donation to help out with a few charitable goals.

What is a Charity Yoga Event?

Here’s the idea. This is a yoga class with a difference. There’s you and 450 other yogis. There’s a live DJ and there are food stalls because you will be hungry at the end. They are the right sort of food stall too, you’d expect nothing less.

We start the day with a guided meditation, and then we become yoga central.

But for all the good that your practice on the mat will do, you will be adding to a much bigger goal off the mat.

Who benefits?

This 3rd Annual event is supporting housing and creating resources to enhance the position of homeless youth in the 16th St and Mission St area here in the city. In addition, some of the funds will go to support the One Love shelter in India.

What is the One Love Movement?

The One Love Movement is a registered charity which is committed to allying with partners and non-profits to create momentum in child welfare and K-12 education as well as providing support to humanitarian aid and social services too.

Some of their work is here in the US, but they could just as easily be supporting a non-profit elsewhere in the world, as long as it aligns with their key value. Now it’s making sense, isn’t it?

Who should come?

You! Please come. Really it doesn’t matter if you’re new to this whole yoga thing or you’ve been doing it for years, the goal is to do some great yoga to have a good time and to raise the money.

Beginners are welcome, experts are welcome and so are the people in between.

When and where is this?

Saturday, Oct 20, 2018, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm @ Bespoke Events, 854 Market St (4th Floor) San Francisco 94103.

How do I get access?

You can get tickets on the One Love Organization’s website.

All tickets come with way more that entry to the event, by the way! Depending on how much you are happy to donate you will also be given free yoga classes, access to a special yoga app and much more.

There also two amazing goodie baskets which have yoga clothes and mats along with a whole host more. Check out the website for details. Tickets start at on $35

You know you want to

This is a wonderful opportunity for a yoga lover. If you’ve never done it here’s a chance to try and do some good at the same time. If you’re an aficionado here’s how to take your practice to the next

The One Love Movement gets the most out of a San Francisco vinyasa

One Love San Francisco is looking forward to their 3rd Annual Charity Event on October 20th. This is the third time One Love San Francisco has motivated yogis for the benefit of the city. This event is like a yoga love-in for people at any level of yoga.

Helping homeless youth

The goal of this yoga event will raise money to help homeless youth in the Mission and 16th St corridor in downtown. In addition, some of the funds will help the One Love shelter in India.

One Love Movement focuses on child welfare and education as well as focusing on social service care, and so working to improve the physical, social and emotional health of homes youth fits well into the organization’s mission.

Yoga events are for everyone

The goal is to have a wonderful yoga session but to spread the love a little wider. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have been doing yoga for years. The important thing is you come because you’ll be doing good for you on the mat, and for others off the mat.

It is a way to use your yoga to give something back to the wider community.

The One Love Approach

One Love San Francisco has worked with the local community to provide every attendee with a great basket of goodies. You can start for as little as $35 and even at that level, in addition to the event you receive another two free yoga classes at different studios, access to a yoga app and some trial memberships too. From there the benefits just increase.

One Love’s approach works so well because everyone benefits, it’s a symbiotic relationship providing value to the yoga community as a whole.

What the day holds

The day starts with a meditation session to put you in the right frame of mind. After which four different yoga teachers will work with you on vinyasas and poses and a live DJ will provide live music to enhance your yoga.

There will also be a series of food vendors – offering natural and organic products. You’ll be hungry afterward.

How One Love works

The One Love Movement has a slightly different approach to the work they do, but it is an approach that squeezes every last cent from every donated dollar.

The concept is simple, work with other non-profits to double the momentum and increase the traction. Two or more are always more effective than one.

This approach allows the movement to focus on areas of interest, like K-12 education or humanitarian aid, rather than being in one geographic region. It gives them great flexibility and also the power to do a wide range of things to make a difference. The One Love Movement’s website has a lot of examples of widely different types of project.

Hopefully, you can see it will make a huge difference you being there, so get your tickets now and make it a plan.

San Francisco values show through

When it comes to living well, they know how to do it in the Bay Area. They’re used to having a lot in San Francisco; they lead the world in technology, the weather is gorgeous, and the countryside better, the foodie city will give you a taste of anything you feel like trying. But among all these things to be grateful for, there’s another side to us too.

San Francisco knows how to make a difference in the world and you’re not going to be surprised when you find out they do it in a very San Francisco way.

You know the California vibe

It is something to do with the climate. Most Californians are out there doing something whether it is hill walking or bike polo, San Franciscans do health and wellness activities.

The One Love Movement

The next step was obvious to this charity organization; take the things people love doing and apply it to making a difference in the world.

But what does One Love do?  It is a movement, a groundswell of activity and its job in the world is to support projects which make a real difference in the world out there. Finding a way to harness it is One Love’s special gift.

Topics close to One Love’s heart

There’s a theme running through all of the One Love Movement work. They work within Child Welfare and education. Unesco’s latest numbers show that there are 263 million children who don’t get to school. One Love’s focus of K-12 education is clearly needed. In addition, they focus on Humanitarian Aid and Social Services too.

One Love is not alone in their approach – there’s all sort of other people who realize the value of One Love’s work and have become involved either in an advisory or a more direct participatory capacity.

Stated values and mission

One of the reasons the One Love Movement is so successful is they provide a bi-directional experience. At the fundraising level, they use what people already do and get them to do more of it but this time with a charitable element. At the spending end, they support partners and non-profits already working in these areas, they are able to maximize their dollars raised by allying it with efforts which are already in progress.

It is a dynamic approach which has more impact by being a collaborative effort than it would if One Love were to stand alone.

The organization’s stated key values are compassion, community and curiosity and these are values that all of the people who work with the group share.

Where they have made a real difference is in harnessing a collective compassion

Charity Yoga

This is where the idea for charity yoga comes in. Yoga is ubiquitous in San Francisco. Seeing a person with a mat under their arm is as common as a tourist at Fisherman’s Wharf. Bringing yogi together on October 20th for their big One Love event to breathe deeply and spread some love is inspired.